On 23 March the new Aboriginal Survival Memorial in Yeo Park entitled 'Breathe' was officially opened. 'Breathe' is a stunning artwork by artists Nicole Monks and Maddison Gibbs that commemorates the survival and resilience of the Gadigal and Wangal people. 'Breathe' is crafted from 246 engraved sandstone boulders, placed carefully to form two pathways that meet in the centre, the boulders acting as portals in time, immersing the viewer in ancient stories. The Aboriginal Survival Memorial is a place for non-Indigenous people to listen, contemplate and try to understand Aboriginal people's long history of survival and the multi-generational impacts of colonisation. This is the first of three site-specific Survival Memorials to be created across the Inner West. I extend my deepest thanks to Mayor Dary Byrne, all the Inner West Councillors and General Manager Peter Gainsford for ensuring this important project was delivered. Congratulations and a special thanks to Nicole and Maddison for creating such a beautiful, moving memorial. I encourage everyone to head to Yeo Park to experience this work.