World Bicycle Day encourages people of all ages and abilities to dust off their bike and enjoy their city in a healthy and environmentally sustainable way. Over 1. 1 million people in NSW ride a bike every week. During this COVID crisis, more and more people have taken to cycling across NSW, recognising that it is a COVID-safe, healthy, clean and cheap way to get around our cities and towns. Recent cycling converts have been lining up outside Marrickville's Glowworm Electric Bicycles and Vanilla Cycles taking advantage of our safer and less congested roads during COVID 19. With this recent wave of cycling enthusiasm, it is crucial that we ensure that our roads are safe for cyclists. Thank you to Bicycle NSW, for ongoing advocacy in improving road safety and active transport links for cyclists. To the inner west cycling groups, thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm to see more people getting on their bikes and out of their cars. My electorate is teaming with avid cycling groups, like Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club, Ashbug, ArtCycle and Bike Marrickville, all eager to see more inner westies taking up cycling. To all cyclists and future cyclists, Happy World Bicycle Day.