Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill, today echoed calls from the Shadow Minister for Roads for work on Westconnex to be halted given claims asbestos contaminated road-base may have been used for the project.

The revelations follow months of complaints that the planning conditions placed on the work are being ignored, significantly impacting local residents.

It was also recently revealed that the Government sat on an expert report arguing that the acquisition process needed to be fixed and that the Chief Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission wasn’t aware that heritage items were being demolished in Haberfield.


Quotes attributable to the Member for Summer Hill

 “Residents are taking this Government at their word that their health and interests are being protected, but time and time again, the Government has let them down.

“They’ve been ripped off through unfair acquisitions, they’re living through unimaginable noise, dust and disruption, and now they’re dealing with this threat of asbestos contamination.

“The Planning Minister must immediately confirm that workers and local residents are safe. Work at the construction sites must stop.”

“This Government likes to crow about its infrastructure credentials, but they’re clearly not up to the task.”