Labor Candidate for Summer Hill Jo Haylen has once again reiterated Labor’s opposition to Westconnex and any exit at Haberfield and Ashfield.

Ms Haylen said concerned residents could be re-assured of Labor’s strong opposition, citing recent comments by Labor leader Luke Foley.

“On Monday, Luke Foley was asked on ABC Radio if Labor supports the Liberal’s Westconnex tunnel 1B into Haberfield and Ashfield. He made it absolutely clear that we will oppose this tunnel and the destructive impact it will have when he said:

“I won’t have the M4 extended to Haberfield and Ashfield. It doesn’t achieve the policy objective, it achieves next to nothing for the people from the west seeking a direct connection to the city and it destroys existing communities.”

He also asked: “Why move one inner west bottle-neck, the M4 coming out at Concord near where I live, 3 or 4 kilometres down the road to Haberfield?”

“Only a Labor Government will deliver the infrastructure Sydney needs while listening to communities and protecting in the inner west,” Ms Haylen continued.

“If elected, Labor will stop the compulsory acquisition of homes, scrap the inner west tunnel from the M4 to the M5, scrap the St Peters’ Interchange and save all our local parks and green space currently under threat from the Liberals’ project including Ashfield park and the complete Yasmar site,” Ms Haylen said.

“We have seen the Liberals chop and change their plans, all while people in our community worry about what will happen to their homes.”

“A Labor Government will end the confusion, invest in an integrated public transport solution and make sure people have a say in the future of their community”.

“The choice is clear – Vote Labor to save the inner west from Westconnex,” Ms Haylen said.

If elected Labor will:

  • Scrap the inner west tunnel from the M4 to the M5;
  • Scrap the St Peters’ Interchange saving iconic King Street;
  • Halt all property acquisitions connected to the Westconnex project;
  • Save all parkland and green space currently under threat;
  • Ensure the route of the M4 Extension from Homebush to the CBD is determined following expert advice, the recommendations of the Auditor General and open & transparent community consultation; and
  • Ensure transparent community consultation and the completion and full publication of all planning documents, including the full business case before any planning approvals.

Audio of Luke Foley on ABC Radio: