A Labor government led by Luke Foley will hand back valuable land to the community after it is discarded by the monolithic WestConnex roads project.

More than 18 hectares- a little over the size of Hyde Park- is up for grabs and Labor has committed that the land along the M4 East corridor will not be sold to developers.

Labor’s policy would ensure local councils take the lead in consulting with local communities in Ashfield, Homebush, North Strathfield and Concord to determine how the excess land from the M4 East will be used.

The land could be turned into recreational space, sporting facilities, schools, community meeting places, and possibly even affordable housing.

Labor’s commitment to the land abutting the M4 will extend to the entire 33-kilometre long WestConnex road, which is managed by the wholly-owned government entity, the Sydney Motorway Corporation, which for purposes of political convenience is registered as private company that falls outside of freedom of information laws.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Roads Minister Jodi McKay

“The community doesn’t trust this Government when it comes to WestConnex.

“People saw the way in which their homes were acquired and bulldozed so they have every right to be suspicious of this Government’s motives.

“This space was taken from the community and so it should be returned to the community for its use. It should not be sold to the highest bidder.

“Labor has made a commitment to provide a lasting and positive legacy to WestConnex and we call upon the Government to do the same.”


Quotes attributable to Member for Summer Hill Jo Haylen

“Haberfield residents have been through hell, with years of noise, dust and disruption - the last thing they need are towers of apartments on their back fence when the construction is finally over.

“The Liberal Government has ripped a hole through heritage Haberfield and only Labor will guarantee these lands are returned for community use, including some much needed open space.

“Labor understands the value of our heritage suburbs and will stand up for residents affected by the worst of WestConnex.”