Jo at the forum

Last night in Haberfield, Councillor Jo Haylen addressed more than 150 residents concerned about the impact of WestConnex on their homes, families and lives.

The forum, organised by the No WestConnex and Save Ashfield Park groups was an opportunity for residents to ask questions of candidates in the lead up to the 2015 state election.

Clr Haylen said while congestion in the Inner West was a serious issue, the Baird Government was kidding themselves to think of WestConnex as a solution.

“It won’t help move people from the suburbs to the city, it won’t get freight to the port and it won’t make travel time any faster.

“I do not support WestConnex in its current form – it’s a road to a traffic jam,” Clr Haylen said.

Clr Haylen said there needed to be an integrated approach that looked at ways roads and public transport work together.

“Projects should be assessed by virtue of how they complement each other, not just how they work in isolation,” Clr Haylen said.

"There are some who say however that we should never build another road - that’s preposterous. We need to tackle congestion." Clr Haylen said.

“Sydney is a fast-growing city and we need to look at all the options including better fully integrated public transport,” Clr Haylen said.

Clr Haylen also criticised the Baird Government for failing to release a business case, or engage in proper community consultation.

"The so called consultation process to date has been a farce. The community deserve more than this, we’re talking about a project that has the potential to radically change the area – it must be planned properly, and not in the current shambolic manner,” Clr Haylen said.