Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill, has hit out in support of Ashfield Bowling Club patrons, who are under siege from round-the clock WestConnex construction.

Orpington and Bland Streets have been closed for long periods over the past year, restricting access to the Club. There is still little information available as to when Orpington Street will reopen. Making matters worse, workers on the project reportedly take up street parking otherwise used by patrons. Club patrons are often forced to wait while club staff ask Westconnex workers and trucks to move their vehicles from blocking the club’s reserved parking.

Those patrons who do make it in the club often face clouds of dust and unrelenting noise.

The club has been forced into a difficult financial position, with patrons finding other venues to bowl, and restricting the club’s ability to host events or grow its membership. 

Ms Haylen has written an urgent letter to the Minister for WestConnex demanding support for the club and for the minimal compliance promises that were made to be honoured.

The club has been at its present location since the 1890s.


Quotes from Member for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen MP

“Like many of their neighbours on Bland and Orpington streets, the club is suffering because of WestConnex.

“The club is a local institution and shouldn’t be jeopardised because the Government and WestConnex can’t deliver on its most basic promises to protect local services and residents.

“I call on the Minister for WestConnex to come down to Ashfield Bowling Club and tell patrons how he is going to fix this.

“We can’t afford to see our local clubs and community groups under siege because of this poorly planned and destructive project.”


Quotes from Michael Wilson, CEO of Ashfield Bowling Club

“We work hard to make the club an inviting, clean and fun place to visit or play bowls.

“It is frustrating that WestConnex can’t seem to hold up its end of the bargain and help us get through the period of construction.

“We’re a resilient club, but we can’t tolerate this level of disruption anymore. The viability of the club shouldn’t be in question because of a road project.”