The excellent team at the Haberfield Association have been busily working on a new flyer to welcome new residents to Haberfield. A special volunteer group has been working on the flyer for months, which includes a history of Australia's first planned garden suburb, references to important books on Federation architecture, as well as useful tips and hints for homeowners embarking on renovations in the Haberfield Heritage Conservation Area. The flyer outlines key heritage principles, as well as a palette of recommended external colours for Haberfield homes. The flyer builds upon the Haberfield Association's important work to preserve the suburb, including their important work at Yasmar Estate, their efforts to document the suburb's unique heritage, and their campaign to have the entire suburb listed on the NSW State Heritage Register. I warmly thank and congratulate all those at the Haberfield Association who worked so diligently to produce the Welcome to Haberfield flyer, which will no doubt delight and inform current residents and those who make Haberfield home in the future.