Wear it Orange Day will take place on 22 May. This is a day to honour and thank the many SES volunteers who generously give their time to help communities during disasters such as floods and storms. Thank you to my local dedicated SES units, the Marrickville SES, led by unit commander Liam Hogan, and the Ashfield-Leichhardt unit led by Sharon Buckley. The volunteers at these units keep us updated on current severe weather warnings, advice and go out of their way to keep us safe. I would like to personally thank the dedicated volunteers throughout my electorate who give their time and energy year-round to safeguard us during our most vulnerable moments. In early April, Sydney experienced heavy rainfall causing flooding and damage in the Inner West. NSW SES came to the rescue, responding to over 6000 calls for assistance, with both Marrickville and Ashfield-Leichhardt Unit volunteers attending to over 40 calls each. I encourage you all to dress in a splash or burst of orange on Wednesday 22 May to show your support and appreciation for your local SES volunteers.