The upcoming referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament presents an incredibly important opportunity for our country to enshrine in its constitution the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. Inner West for Yes is a local group co-chaired by Aunty Norma Ingram and Mayor of Inner West Council, Darcy Byrne, dedicated to showing community support for a Yes vote to the referendum. This Sunday, 2nd June 2023, Inner West for Yes invites supporters to walk together from Victoria Park to the Come Together for Yes event being held in Prince Alfred Park. Come Together for Yes is part of a National Day of Action for the Yes campaign and will have supporters gathering from all around Sydney, along with food and festivities. Similar events will be occurring at other capital cities across Australia. I urge all those who believe in the importance of a Yes vote and the importance of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament to attend their event to show their support for this crucial moment in our nation's history.