National Walk Safely to School Day raises awareness about the benefits of walking to school. It improves kids' health, increases road safety, reduces congestion and helps the environment. This Friday marks the twenty‑second National Walk Safely to School Day, which is run by the Pedestrian Council of Australia. I congratulate the thousands of kids, families and schools that will participate across New South Wales, including in my electorate of Summer Hill. The school drop-off and pick-up makes a significant contribution to congestion on our roads. The cost of congestion in Sydney is set to climb to $15.9 billion in 2031. Only 23 per cent of kids are active enough to meet the current national physical activity guidelines. At the same time, road trauma is the number one killer of children aged under 14, and the most dangerous time to be on the roads is during the afternoon school pick-up. We must do more to give families and kids the option to walk or ride to school. The best way to do that is to make the roads around our schools safer. I congratulate everyone who participates in National Walk Safely to School Day.