Marrickville is proudly a community with manufacturing at its heart. Our reputation for hard work and excellence was brought to the fore earlier this year when Ash Barty held up her history making trophy when she won the Australian Open, a trophy made in Marrickville. The W.J Sanders Company has been running manufacturing operations for 110 years. Their warehouse at Fitzroy Street, Marrickville, has been the birthplace of many significant trophies, but perhaps none as special or relevant as the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup which Ash Barty took home after her stellar victory on the court. The trophy was handcrafted over 8 months by a team of 10 craftsmen and women, who diligently worked to do Marrickville proud when Ash Barty held up the trophy on every Australian's TV screen. On top of this important trophy, W.J Sanders was asked for the first time to make all the trophies for the whole Australian open, a total of 90 trophies. Thank you W.J Sanders' Marrickville team for your effort and craftsmanship – you have ensured that everyone knows just how hardworking Marrickville is.