Question to the Minister representing the Minister for Lands and Forestry:

  1. Under the Cemetery and Crematoria Act 2013, what happens to unbequeathed interment rights?
  2. How is the Government acting to resolve a lack of clarity around unbequeathed interment rights under the Act?
  3. How may a party erect a headstone on a cemetery plot, if no-one holds the interment rights to that plot?
  4. If such a party should, under the law, be allowed to erect a headstone, what recourse do they have to ensure that their cemetery operator is complying with the above act?
  5. In Section 46 of the above act, it states that a cemetery operator must “permit a memorial to the deceased person to be erected at the site with the approval of the cemetery operator”. What are the specific criteria under which a cemetery operator may approve or reject the erection of a memorial?
  6. With reference to the above question, what recourse does a party have should their cemetery operator refuse to permit the erection of such a memorial?
  7. Is the Government aware of conflict between parties arising from the lack of clarity in the Act?