I acknowledge the sad passing of Karl‑Heinz Fusting, long‑serving president of the Concordia German Club in South Marrickville. For decades Karl has been the heart and soul of Sydney's German community. He was passionate about creating a home away from home for German Australians and about sharing German culture with our inner west community. Karl championed the club's restaurant, Oktoberfest events, the German Film Festival, the Concordia choir and the chess club. Each time I met with him he would explain that when he came to the Concordia Club the three things he was most proud of were the club's extraordinary staff and members, getting rid of the pokies, and the number of families who have joined in recent years and have come to love the place as much as he did. Karl understood that the future of the club lies with young people. Nothing brought him more joy than seeing the kids running around outside the club. On behalf of the Marrickville community, I send my deepest condolences to Karl's family, to all those in the inner west community, and to the staff and regulars at the Concordia Club. We have lost a great man.