I am deeply saddened by the recent loss of Chrys Meader, a truly exceptional voice in our inner west community.

Chrys passed away peacefully last week, leaving behind a remarkable legacy.

As a librarian and inner west historian, Chrys dedicated so many years of her life to preserving the memory and heritage of her Marrickville home.

In so many ways she became the mouthpiece for our history and, by extension, our identity.

Chrys was an educator and a published author.

She was so kind to pass on her knowledge to all of us during her iconic walking tours and through the many conversations she had with me and residents every day.

Following the many achievements of Chrys' life, she received the 2021 Inner West Citizen of the Year award. We were so proud to have her voice represent our community.

I know that Chrys' legacy will continue to shape our lives for the better in the inner west.

A kind and delightful friend, Chrys Meader will be missed by all of us.