Find it hard to choose? 

I am calling on the NSW Government to double the amount of money available to help the many community groups that are supporting the inner west community through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Summer Hill Electorate Community Building Partnership 2020 grant round received 46 applications requesting over $1.35 million, while Canterbury Electorate received 29 applications requesting $1.23 million.  

The NSW Government needs to have the community’s back during this crisis.

2020 has showed us why it is so important to have a strong safety net and build resilience in our community. Community groups are crying out for more Government support, in my electorate community groups need more than triple the funding offered by the NSW Government in order to help local community groups who are struggling to keep up with the extra demand on their essential services.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic local community organisations have been helping to do just that – they’ve been on the front lines, providing essential goods and services to our inner west community, connecting people, all mostly with volunteer hours.

This government needs to provide a lifeline for those community groups and sports clubs who have been hit hard by the lockdown and economic fallout of this pandemic and double the pool of grant money available now.


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