November 13 - 19 is Transgender Awareness Week, with Transgender Day of Remembrance held on November 20. Transgender Awareness Week is a call to action to learn more about transgender people and their contribution to our community, to share stories and confront ways transgender people continue to experience discrimination, violence and prejudice in our community. Transgender and gender diverse people must feel safe in their homes, schools, workplaces, sporting fields and on our streets, and we must stand vigilant against transphobia wherever we find it, including our parliaments. I acknowledge the important work of organisations that support our transgender and gender diverse communities, including the Gender Centre, ACON, Twenty10, Transcend and Trans Pride Australia. I also acknowledge all transgender and gender people in the Summer Hill electorate across NSW. I know that this week can be a challenging week for many, but assure you that our community stands with you. All transgender people have the fundamental right to dignity, respect and joy, and to live in safety. This Transgender Day of Remembrance, we remember all those transgender people who have lost their lives to violence and recommit ourselves to delivering a safer world for all transgender people.