I congratulate Inner West Council on hosting their first ever trans and gender diverse swim night at Ashfield Aquatic Centre last month.

The Inner West is proudly home to a diverse and inclusive community where we acknowledge and respect everyone's right to participate fully in all aspects of community life. Unfortunately, the initial Facebook post for the event was subject to transphobic vitriol from online trolls, nearly all from overseas or associated with transphobic organisations and groups. Council didn't waiver in their commitment to the event and delivered an inclusive, safe and affirming event that we can all be proud of.

Thank you to Dykes on Bikes Sydney for coming to show support and solidarity. The evening was a brilliant success.

I was so pleased to see photos in the paper of happy, smiling families, splashing around and enjoying the pool – the sort of every day activity that everyone should be able to do safely, but many of us take for granted. I warmly congratulate council for organising the event and send my best wishes to everyone who took part.