Tom McDonald is a champion for young people in Marrickville, assisting vulnerable young people in our education system for the past 10 years at Marrickville Youth Resource Centre.

Tom's passion for improving the lives of young people comes from his experience as a school teacher and 14 years working as a youth worker.

When Tom first started working at the centre in 2010 he was renowned for his long, fiery‑orange dreadlocks and a passion for working with youth. Since then, while he may have lost the dreadlocks, he has not lost his passion for helping young people finish school, gain employment skills and receive the support they need if they are struggling.

Marrickville Youth Resource Centre will not be the same without Tom. As his colleagues describe him, he is worth his weight in gold.

I congratulate Tom and thank him for all his hard work and dedication to improving the lives of young people across Sydney's inner west over the past 10 years.