Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, today urged local residents to nominate individuals or organisations who are unpaid or informal carers for the NSW Carers Awards.

Up to 55 awards for  individual and organisations will be offered throughout NSW in 2015.

“Carers are unsung heroes, taking care of the most vulnerable in our community,” Haylen said, “they make a social and economic contribution to our community, but also have a transformative impact on the people they care for.”

“There are hundreds of carers in the local community and these awards are a wonderful opportunity to honour their contribution and to say thanks.”

Philip Coller, CEO of the Ella Centre in Haberfield, adds, “Carers are the backbone of our community. They play a crucial role in supporting some of our most vulnerable community members and do so out of love and compassion with little thought of reward or personal gain.”

“Their support enables individuals to be cared for in a loving environment and enhances a person’s opportunity to access and be a part of their local community.”

 “Our carers save our community millions of dollars by the support they offer that otherwise would need to be provided through our already stretched community care system.”

Ms Haylen urged all members of the community to take a few minutes and nominate a carer.

“A few minutes of your time might make a world of difference to a carer. It’s time to thank our unsung heroes and let them know their good work is acknowledged out there in the community.”

Nominations are now open and will close at 5pm on Monday 29 June. Nominations can be made at