Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, today raised concerns about the Greater Sydney Commission’s plans for the inner west.

The Commission released its draft plans for Sydney earlier today, indicating rapid increases in density across the South, West and Inner West of Sydney, with few details on community infrastructure including schools and open spaces.

The plans are open for community feedback until March 2017.


Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill

“While I support sensible strategic planning, these plans fail to account for growth equitably.

“I’m worried this is a lost opportunity for the inner west: Growth must be matched to improvements in community services and infrastructure, including open spaces and schools.



“The Commission is proposing that the Inner West Council area will see an additional 5,900 extra dwellings in the next five years.

“This relies on one-size-fits-all density along the Sydenham to Bankstown line and additional density along Parramatta Road and in the Bays Precinct.

“The Commission is acting as though plans for the Sydenham to Bankstown rezoning are a fait accompli despite the fact the Minister has promised further consultation.

“By comparison, it’s clear some areas are being let off the hook – for example, the Northern Beaches gets an extra 3,400 dwellings, Waverley Council 1,250 dwellings, Woollahra and Mosman will increase by 300 homes and Hunter’s Hill by 150. 


Affordable Housing:

“These plans can’t simply allow for more million dollar apartments out of the reach of families and key workers who will be forced out.

“Inner west residents are already feeling the pressures of rising housing costs.

“A 5-10% target for affordable housing just doesn’t cut it.



“I’m glad to see the Government finally admit that schools in Petersham and neighbouring suburbs are at capacity but at the same time, they’re not building extra schools and are signalling a move to skyscraper schools.

“I’m worried we’ll see repeats of the Government’s debacle in Ultimo and that schools will potentially have to close for long period during constructions Where do the students go then?

“The Government hasn’t even had a real conversation with the inner west community about this. The community deserves proper consultation on this proposal and a real look at all the available options.”



“The plans laud the biodiversity value of the Cooks River, Iron Cove and Wolli Creek, but the fact is there’s no detail on new green or open space in these plans.

“Our playing fields are already at capacity. Where are our kids going to play?

“With the additional pressure from tens of thousands of extra people in the inner west, it is not at all clear how our precious open and green spaces will be protected.”


21 November 2016. For more information or comment, please call Mat Howard on 9572 2000.