I acknowledge The Village Project in Summer Hill for its terrific work leading the way towards making all aspects of our community more sustainable.

Currently The Village Project is taking donations of used clothes and household glass to be turned into tiles and furniture in its renovations.

This brilliant initiative shows that every problem can have a sustainable solution. This venture by Village Project exemplifies one of the core values it holds—that if we act locally, we can impact globally.

I note the ongoing success of this project is in its capacity to involve as many members of the community as possible.

Since opening, the Village Project has become central to the Summer Hill community.

Founder Bindi Lea has turned the warehouse into a market space, creative hub and community enterprise where every dollar spent goes right back into our community.

One day I hope there will be many projects of the same blueprint around Sydney and indeed across New South Wales.

I congratulate Bindi Lea and all those who are donating to or involved in the successful Village Project to make this initiative successful.