I congratulate the Little BIG Foundation on opening The Summer Hill Little BIG House.

The Little BIG Foundation was set up to address Australia's loneliness epidemic. Their work has been so important through the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple lockdowns and rising social disconnection.

Located on Flour Mill Way, the Summer Hill Little BIG House has been the site for a range of events and activities aimed to spark connections and bring joy into the local community.

Ultimately, the space was designed to inspire and empower communities by promoting the five ways to wellbeing; connect, take notice, be active, keep learning and help others.

Since opening it has become a rich cultural hub in our suburb, providing a platform for local live music acts, hosting foodies markets, and running other community and healthy-lifestyle oriented events.

The space also allows locals to take the lead and use the space to host programs and events that celebrate or engage with their social hobby, activity, or initiative.

I thank the Little BIG Foundation for their efforts in connecting the Summer Hill community and tackling the issue of loneliness and social isolation in Australia.