JO HAYLEN: My question is directed to the Premier. I refer the Premier to an interview with the Minister for Transport on Monday. Interviewer Wilson said, "I think these Indonesian ferries as well as the Emerald class ferries from Manly to Circular Quay have been duds from day one." Mr Elliott said, "Well, you're probably right. I have to say that you can't defend the indefensible." Will the Premier continue to build ferries, trains and trams overseas?

DOMINIC PERROTTET: As I said in my last answer, New South Wales is manufacturing more than any other State in the country.

DOMINIC PERROTTET: The member for Summer Hill cares about jobs. She saw them all up at Port Macquarie. She loved it.

She was very silent. She went there for a little mission to uncover the lack of jobs growth in onshore manufacturing. What did she see? She saw jobs right there in Port Macquarie, with over 70 per cent of the content being made right here in the great State of New South Wales. The member for Summer Hill talks about jobs but opposed the WestConnex and the thousands of jobs that came off the back of that project.

The Opposition opposes asset recycling.

JO HAYLEN: Point of order: My point of order is taken under Standing Order 129. The question was very clear. Is the Premier committed to continue to build ferries, trains and trams overseas?

DOMINIC PERROTTET: I just spoke about the electric buses that we are manufacturing smack bang in the middle of western Sydney. Members opposite talk about trains and public transport whilst members of the Labor Party, as we saw on Saturday, stand side by side with the unions who today pulled their action.

Yesterday, the unions were going to turn off the Opal machines. What do we see today? When it comes to the taxpayer money of the people of New South Wales and the people in the gallery, Labor does not care. But when it comes to the unions' money, all of a sudden it is a different story: "We will pull the action."

This Government has manufactured more ferries, trains and buses than any other government in our State's history because it manages money well. That is the Liberal and Nationals way.