I was recently privileged to meet the amazing, hard working team of community leaders, counsellors and health workers at the Gender Centre's new premises at 10 Lilydale St Marrickville. The Gender Centre has a strong history of advocacy and service delivery supporting the trans and gender diverse community and I am proud to offer my support to their work. Established in 1983, the Centre is the largest transgender and gender diverse organisation in Australia and offers wholistic care for some of our most vulnerable community members. They specialise in crisis accommodation, education, support, advocacy, outreach and training. The Inner West is home to a diverse and inclusive community and the services provided by the Gender Centre are so vital in supporting so many amongst us. I was even fortunate to meet Jack the golden retriever who works hard supporting kids and adults alike as they come to terms with what they're feeling and work through the next steps on they're journey. Congratulations to all those involved with the Gender Centre we are so grateful for all the work that you do. I wish you well in your new premises.