Confusing and inconsistent regulation between local government areas is stifling the growth of Sydney’s popular food truck scene.

NSW Labor is putting forward the idea of a model code to regulate food trucks making it easier for these entrepreneurial businesses to operate across Sydney.

The regulations currently determining where, when and how a food truck operator can set up shop differ from council to council and limit the spread and diversity of food trucks in Sydney and surrounds.

On Newtown’s King Street food truck operators are able to sell food on the City of Sydney side of the street but are banned from operating on the Marrickville Council boundaries just two lanes of traffic away.

Labor’s proposal would be modelled on the City of Sydney regulations and include built in protections for existing businesses and community concerns. These protections include:

  • Food trucks must remain 50 meters from a similar take away business
  • Not operating on a residential street
  • No trading at one location for longer than five hours
  • No more than four food trucks can congregate in one location
  • Food trucks must be parked legally

Food truck operators would be required to register under the code before being allowed to operate.


Quotes attributable to the Member for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen

“Food trucks form a big part of exciting global cities like New York and Toronto, adding to our night life and the flavor of the city.”

“The current regulations are confusing. It makes sense to create one State-wide code that operators can abide by.”

“There’s no reason someone living in Marrickville shouldn’t have the same access to food trucks that people in the City of Sydney enjoy.”