At long last, our Summer Hill Community Choir is back for its weekly in-person rehearsals! From the 10th of October, the choir has been meeting on Monday nights to prepare for the fast-approaching holiday season.

The Summer Hill Community Choir was founded in late 2014 by director and accompanist, Luke Sweeting.

Following a fantastic eight years, the choir has become a cornerstone community group within the local area. They provide a safe and fun space for local singers at all skill levels to work collaboratively and embrace the joys of group song.

With their many years exploring different genres and sounds, the choir are well-equipped to deliver some of the most beautiful harmonies at their renowned end-of-season performance. The Summer Hill Community Choir plays an especially iconic role over Christmas Time in the Inner West.

I am pleased to acknowledge the work of: conductor, Caely Stevens; admin, Catherine Paix; and treasurer, Jenny Rattray.

I would also like to wish farewell to founder, Luke Sweeting who will be retiring from his director position at the end of this year. Your vision for the Summer Hill Community Choir has brought so many people together.