Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill, has today slammed the Government’s secret approval of the M4-M5 Link. The Government today dropped the news that WestConnex Stage 3 had been approved, a full ten days after the determination was officially made.

The M4-M5 Link includes a huge network of tunnels, starting at Haberfield and travelling under Newtown, Annandale, Lilyfield and Rozelle. It is also set to include additional unfiltered ventilation stacks and years more construction chaos in inner west suburbs.

The NSW Major Projects Register states that the project was approved on 17 April 2018. But the Government dropped the story to media ten days later, on a Friday afternoon after a public holiday and during school holidays.

The inner west community has fought back against the chaos of WestConnex for years, including a recent protest by parents and students of Haberfield Public School concerned about the health impacts of the potential construction at the Muir’s site on students.

The determination of the M4-M5 Link provides no certainty about the Haberfield construction site, instead leaving all options on the table to be finalised at a later date.

Ms Haylen has condemned the approval of the third stage of the project as another example of the secrecy that has shrouded WestConnex from the beginning.


Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill

“This secret approval exposes Haberfield residents to years more construction chaos. The project determination leaves all options on the table for a construction site in Haberfield. This project has been mismanaged and shrouded in secrecy from the very beginning. Enough is enough.”

“The third stage of WestConnex was approved ten days ago. The Minister only let the community know today, dropping the story on a Friday afternoon after a public holiday and during school holidays.

This is deliberate move by a Government that is doing everything it can to keep information from the inner west community.

“After years of chaos and disruption, inner west residents deserve transparent information about these projects. This Government shows nothing but contempt for the inner west.”