Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, today condemned the decision of St Paul’s College not to participate in the University of Sydney cultural review being undertaken by Former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick AO.

The review aims to provide a holistic approach to student misconduct at residential colleges at the University of Sydney, including hazing rituals, sexual assault and rape.

St Pauls’ decision to focus on an internal process undermines the University’s commitment to reducing sexual assaults on campus.

Ms Haylen has also been advocating for an immediate resolution to the issue of Council composition at St John’s College, where reform would bring a new wave of perspectives on college culture and governance.

The Education Minister has been waiting since 2014 for an alumni survey – initiated after the near-death of a female student in a hazing ritual – before acting to reform the College.

Ms Haylen will host a Women’s Officer Forum on 29 November to meet with female student leaders from universities across Sydney to discuss issues of sexual assault on campus, reporting processes and other women’s issues.


Comments attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill

“This decision shows changes in college culture can’t be left in the hands of the ‘old boys’.

“I call on all colleges to participate openly in the campus wide review and commit to making sure every student living on campus feels safe and secure.

“A piecemeal approach to the problem of sexual assault won’t work. We need holistic change and we need it now.

“I’m pleased to be working with female leaders from campuses across Sydney who are demanding reform.”

“Minister Piccoli says he is waiting for a survey of alumni before acting on changes at St John’s College. The Government cannot stall this issue any longer. The sector is in desperate need of governance reform.