Small Fry Rock returned to the stage at the Great Club in Marrickville this month, headlined by Sarah McLeod from The Superjesus. The concert was part of Inner West Fest, a celebration of Inner West culture and communities at venues in February to April. Small Fry Rock is a concert series that is family friendly and designed as a way for parents and carers to introduce their little ones to live music. When she founded Small Fry Rock in 2018, the founder, Kristie Tainton, recognised that people tended to stop attending live music when they had kids, and recognised an opportunity to create a new experience parents could enjoy with their kids. Since the first gig in 2018, Small Fry Rock concerts have given kids an intro to live music but also allowed parents and carers to enjoy an afternoon at their favourite pub and venue. Previous acts have included Henry Wagons, Philadelphia Grand Jury, Jodi and Trish from The Clouds and Josh Pyke. Unsurprisingly, the Great Club was packed to the gills on Saturday with parents and kids keen to see Sarah McLeod in action. Congratulations to all involved in this exciting and important program!