Sister Noelene White has dedicated the past 37 years to the Marrickville community and to supporting those confronting substance abuse, homelessness and mental illness. Sister Noelene served as Chaplain at the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in Kings Cross for over a decade, providing counsel and support to those living with drug dependency. In 1983, Sister Noelene pioneered the creation of what we now know as the Waranara School, a day program for teenagers facing complex home-lives or who struggle to thrive in mainstream schools. She served as the Manager of the Rosemount Service in Marrickville and served on the board for 30 years. I had the pleasure of joining Sister Noelene at the Waranara School graduation ceremony last year, where 51 students graduated from Year 9-12. Sister Noelene is moving to be with family in Victoria and will be sorely missed by our local community. She is as a passionate and dedicated local leader and is a source of inspiration and guidance for so many. On behalf of the community, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Sister Noelene for her years of service and for helping change the course of hundreds of young lives.