The Shadow Minister for Seniors and Volunteers, Jo Haylen MP today joined with the State Member for Lismore, Janelle Saffin in commending the tireless work of volunteers at the Lismore Showground Evacuation Centre and the Salvation Army Lismore.

Lismore Showground and Nimbin Showground were evacuation centres during the Mount Nardi National Park bushfire emergency threatening local communities near the town of Nimbin.

The Salvation Army Lismore also played a key role in responding to the Busbys Flat Road-Long Gully Road bushfire which claimed two lives and destroyed dozens of homes and a sawmill in the village of Rappville in the Richmond Valley LGA, as well as the Mount Nardi National Park bushfire, which continues to burn.

These fires have decimated local communities causing untold levels of both physical and emotional damage to communities.

Shadow Minister for Volunteers, Jo Haylen MP noted the key role played by volunteers in responding to these fires.

“While these fires have caused untold damage to communities like those here in the Northern Rivers, it is volunteers that have shown us how strong our communities can be in the face of adversity.

“While many for these volunteers have been out helping others their own homes and families have been threaten by the fires. It is truly inspiring to hear that despite this they continued to work for our communities.

“I extend the thanks of the NSW Labor Opposition to each and every one of these volunteers for their tireless work, that still continues.

“I have no doubt that without the dedication of so many volunteers across the Northern Rivers, the outcome would be far worse.”

State Member for Lismore, Janelle Saffin MP said she can't thank Rural Fire Service firefighters and all other volunteers enough for their selfless acts during the bushfires at Nimbin, Bora Ridge, Woodenbong, Torrington, and earlier, at Rappville, Ewingar, Drake and near Tenterfield.

“I warmly welcome NSW Shadow Minister for Seniors and Volunteers Jo Haylen to the Lismore Electorate, and we want to thank some of the volunteers who have offered the essentials of shelter, food and clothing, and moral support, to local residents displaced by these fires,” Ms Saffin said.

“Today, we're calling in to thank Lismore Show Society Secretary Mark Bailey and his band of volunteers for their work while the evacuation centre was open at Lismore Showground, and Salvation Army Lismore Lieutenants Phil and Donna Sutcliffe and their team who came to the aid of Nimbin and Rappville residents.

“We also pay tribute to volunteers from the State Emergency Services, Australian Red Cross, Anglicare, the Country Women's Association, the Disaster Recovery Chaplain Network, BlazeAid – indeed everyone who is out there supporting State agencies with the recovery effort.”