1. Will the Seniors Regional Travel Card be introduced in January 2020?
  2. How will eligible seniors apply for and obtain the yearly $250 rebate?
    1. Will they apply through Service NSW?
    2. What about applicants not in close proximity to a Service NSW Centre?
    3. Will the $250 be apportioned as a discount per trip (as with concession rates on public transport in metropolitan areas) or as a lump-sum payment?
    4. How will this work in relation to fuel?
  3. How will the card and rebate work when private operators are involved?
  4. Have Uber and other ride-share platforms been purposefully excluded from the scheme?
  5. Why have Newcastle and Wollongong been excluded from the scheme, considering that transport costs, including taxis and fuel, there are often similar to those in surrounding communities?
  6. Will the Government extend the program to seniors living in metropolitan areas, particularly those with less access to public transport, considering the cost of petrol is often higher in metropolitan areas?