NSW Labor has challenged the Minister for Transport to immediately abandon his privatisation of Region 6 buses following the tabling of a second 10,000 signature petition opposed to the plans.

Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, today tabled the petition of inner west residents signature with Opposition Leader Luke Foley, Shadow Minister for Transport Jodi McKay, and local members Sophie Cotsis, Steve Kamper and Chris Minns.

The Minister is coming under mounting pressure to reverse course. These 10,000 signatures are on top of the 14,000 signatures collected by bus drivers and will mean the Minister will be forced to front the Parliament in two separate debates to defend his decision.


Quotes attributable to Jodi McKay MP, Shadow Minister for Transport, Shadow Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight

“The Minister cannot ignore the fact that close to 25,000 residents have petitioned to stop the privatisation of these buses.

“To not reverse course would be pure arrogance. If the Minister has any credibility, he will admit his mistake and leave these public services in public hands.

“It’s time to admit defeat and keep public buses in public hands.”


Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill 

“The inner west is united against the privatisation of our inner west buses. These 10,000 signatures are a testament to just how strongly the inner west opposes these plans.

“Labor will take this fight up in the Parliament for residents and drivers.

“While the Government is falling apart, my colleagues and I are continuing to fight for the core services like critical bus services that make a real difference to people’s lives.

“Thank you to everyone who made the effort to signed the petition and return it to my office. I'm proud to be able to continue the fight for you all in the Parliament and will keep fighting until we save our public buses.


Quotes attributable to Sophie Cotsis MP, Member for Canterbury

“The Minister has said that inner west residents want to see their services privatised. This petition proves this is not the case.

“We will keep fighting for our public buses to remain in public hands because we know that is what the community wants.

“I haven’t met a single resident who supports the Minister. He must change course on privatisation.”