Calls by the Federal Minister for Sport, Bridgett McKenzie, for compulsory sport in schools will amount to little as our school fields and recreational spaces disappear into a sea of demountable classrooms under the Berejiklian Government.

In NSW there are currently 4,781 demountables on school grounds - with no funding to replace them.

Parents at schools in the Ashbury Public School, one of the fastest growing schools in the area,  are already concerned that playground space will shrink further as more demountables are shipped in as permanent fixtures, as more and more schools in the area reach capacity.

Across the Summer Hill electorate there are 25 demountable classrooms and over 75% of our schools are at or approaching capacity. 

The NSW Government has closed down more schools than it has opened and school recreational spaces alongside school sport, is paying a very serious price.

It will take more than motherhood statements from the Federal Minister for Sport and the Berejiklian Government to fix up the mess in our local schools due to the ever increasing number of demountables being placed on what were once school sports fields.

If the Federal minister for Sport is serious about getting kids healthy in schools then she should start by talking to her state colleagues about funding to remove these demountables from our schools and sports areas.


Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen Member for Summer Hill

“Kids at some inner west school shave to take turns in the playground because there isn't the room for them to run around.

"Our kids should be able to enjoy their school’s outdoor spaces, instead their playgrounds are being cluttered with demountables. 

“We know how important playgrounds are to to our kids health, well-being and education, but all of that is being ignored as the Government refuses to look at long term solutions to school overcrowding."


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Sport  Lynda Voltz

“The Federal Minister for Sport clearly has no idea of the vandalism wreaked on school sports areas by the Berejiklian government – and its failure to provide classrooms in any way other than with demountables.’

The space our children once enjoyed for sport and open-air recreation has been eaten up by wave after wave of demountables built there.

We’ve now learned the hard way that the Berejiklian government’s alleged short-term solution is in fact long term.  The Premier and her Ministers clearly have no concern about lack of space for children, for sport.

Their idea of sport is to spend billions of dollars knocking down and rebuilding large stadiums – while short-changing our kids in terms of sports areas at every opportunity.”