NSW Labor is calling on SafeWork NSW to explain why it was unaware of the workplace deaths of the two food delivery drivers earlier this week.

Dede Fredy and Xiaojun Chen died in separate motorcycle crashes in Sydney while working for two different food delivery platforms.

Yet, despite dying at work, SafeWork NSW knew nothing about them until the Transport Workers Union reported the deaths last night.

The Shadow Minister for Active Transport Jo Haylen said food delivery companies like DoorDash, Menulog, UBER Eats and Deliveroo should provide their riders with personal safety gear such as bicycle helmets, bike lights, reflectors and high-vis vests.

“As Covid-19 restrictions continue, food delivery companies are dining out on the fact that we can’t,” Ms Haylen said.

Shadow Minister for the Gig Economy, Daniel Mookhey said SafeWork NSW's failure was 'unacceptable.'

“It is astonishing that two people can die at work and SafeWork NSW knows nothing about it', Mr Mookhey said.

"How many other times has a gig-economy worker died on the job, without the regulator knowing?

“SafeWork must drop everything and immediately investigate these two workplace deaths.

"Mr Fredy and Mr Chen's families deserve nothing less."

NSW Labor last week introduced legislation into the NSW Parliament which would mandate personal protective equipment for food delivery drivers.

Mr Mookhey said: “Every worker deserves to come home safely. No one should risk their life just to earn a living.”

"These tragic deaths show why Parliament must move to protect the thousands of people working in NSW's gig economy.