I extend my sincere congratulations to Rosanna Barbero, Chief Executive Office of Addison Road Community Organisation, on being the recipient of this year's Multicultural NSW Human Rights Medal, recognising her lasting and meaningful contribution to human rights in NSW. For the past 30 years Rosanna has been the CEO of the invaluable and much-loved Addi Road, where she has helped countless people and been instrumental in delivering programs such as the "Racism Not Welcome" campaign, and the well-known and utilised Addi Road Food Pantry. Away from her important grass roots work in our community, Rosanna has worked across the globe leading and supporting many noteworthy advancements in civil rights, including with the Womyn's Agenda for Change and Women's Network for Unity. Rosanna is beyond deserving of this honour and I commend her for her many achievements and congratulate her for being the 2024 NSW Human Rights medallist. Our Inner West community and beyond are lucky to have you!