Labor is urging newly appointed Transport Minister Rob Stokes to reverse the Government’s decision to mothball the Queenscliff, one of Sydney’s iconic Manly Ferries.

Transport for NSW will take the ferry off the water and replace it with smaller vessels that have less capacity, and will struggle to handle the rough swells that often occur during the crossings.

Even though restrictions ease on Monday, Transport for NSW has said that normal services on the Manly route would not resume until later in the year.

NSW Shadow Minister for Transport Jo Haylen said: “Now is the worst possible time to mothball the Queenscliff. Restrictions are easing and Sydneysiders are keen to hit the beaches, but the Government’s plan for the Manly Ferries will cause delays and reduce services.

“We know the new Emerald Class Manly ferries are riddled with problems. If the Government is relying on them then there’s no chance of normal services on the Manly ferry returning in time for summer.

“It’s time for the new Transport Minister Rob Stokes to reverse this decision, bring back the Queenscliff and deliver the reliable Manly Ferry service that Sydneysiders need in time for Summer”