Students at Tempe High School, Tempe Primary School and Ferncourt Primary School will be safer on their walk to school thanks to a new pedestrian crossing on Richardson Crescent in South Marrickville.

The crossing will also give safer access to Mackey Park, Cooks River and Concordia Club.

Parents, students and residents have campaigned tirelessly for a crossing for years, describing Richardson Crescent as "roadside roulette" as kids dodge busy traffic to get to the other side.

Two children have been hit by cars at the location in recent years. The lack of a safe crossing at Richardson Crescent was one of the key complaints raised in the Summer Hill School Safety Survey and is just one of the many dangerous crossings across NSW that stop parents from letting their kids riding or walking to school.

Thank you to the parents who spoke up about the dangerous crossing in the School Safety Survey.

Thank you to Inner West Council and Mayor Darcy Byrne for getting this done.

And most of all, thank you to parents, students and local residents for your passion and persistence.

One more street in our community is safer for our kids thanks to you!