Jo Haylen MP, State Member for Summer Hill, has condemned a revelation this week, that NSW taxpayers are on the hook to pay compensation to the recently privatised Sydney Motorway Corporation, owner of WestConnex, if there are any delays to the Rozelle Interchange.

It was revealed in NSW Budget Estimates hearings this week that Transurban has disclosed to the ASX that the NSW Government must pay compensation to the Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) for any delay in completion, abandonment or a change in scope of the Rozelle Interchange (WestConnex Stage 3B).

During questioning from the Labor Opposition this week the Treasurer refused to answer questions about how much NSW taxpayers will have to pay if the construction of the Rozelle Interchange is delayed like the CBD light rail.

Following this revelation, today the Roads Minister could not answer any questions about this, despite the agreement resulting in more financial risks for RMS, and therefore to taxpayers.

Source: Transurban Investor Presentation

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet was unable to provide the basic details about the millions in potential compensation that NSW taxpayers might have to pay.


Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill

"This is a bill we don’t want, for a project we don’t need.

"Time and time again, this Government has announced delays to project completion dates across the state, we can only assume that this project will be the same.

“To allow Sydney Motorway Corporation to impose a bill for delays on taxpayers, is a new low for a Government that still refuses to acknowledge the distressing impact this project has had on Inner West residents."


Quotes attributable to Ryan Park MP, Shadow Treasurer

“This week’s effort from the Treasurer was pathetic - he seemed ignorant of the compensation issue and could not answer the most basic questions about the liabilities he has exposed NSW taxpayers to.

“The CBD light rail has been a disaster and now we find out that the people of NSW are going to have to pay millions in compensation to the privatised toll road if construction of the Rozelle Interchange is similarly delayed.

“When taxpayers are exposed to the risk of this sort of massive liability, the people have the right to know.” 


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