Communities along the proposed WestConnex route continue to be ignored when it comes to the basic mitigation measures that might make their lives more bearable. The Sydney Motorway Corporation has confirmed it will build a solid five-metre noise wall between the Wattle Street construction site and adjacent houses on Walker Avenue, Haberfield. While these residents welcome any measure that might assist to mitigate the considerable noise and disruption from WestConnex, their requests for a transparent panel at the top of the wall to allow sunlight into their homes and gardens has been ignored.

At the same time residents on Dalhousie Street and Waratah Streets, Haberfield, have been notified that massive seven-metre electronic signs will be erected in close proximity to homes and to Dobroyd Point Public School. The need for these signs completely undermines the Government's argument that WestConnex will reduce local traffic, particularly in streets around local schools. It is clear the Government has refused to engage with the community. After all, these are the people who know their suburbs best. I commit to continue to fighting alongside each and every one of them every day to mitigate the worst impacts of WestConnex.