June 20 marks the beginning of Refugee Week.

This year, I acknowledge the tremendous work of the Refugee Council of Australia and the many community organisations in the inner west who support the refugee community.

The Refugee Council of Australia began organising Refugee Week in 1987. Refugee Week raises community awareness around the challenges and obstacles refugees face, both in their countries of origin and after arriving in Australia, and celebrates the extraordinary contribution of refugees to Australian society.

This Refugee Week, I'd like to particularly acknowledge organisations in my community who work to support the refugee community, including Settlement Services International, the Bread and Butter Project, Metro Assist and the Addison Road Community Centre. I also acknowledge the Asylum Seeker Centre, Newtown. The work undertaken by these organisations is crucial to ensuring that when refugees and asylum seekers settle in the Inner West, they are afforded the same quality of life and opportunities as other members of our community.

The best part about the Inner West is that no matter what walk of life you come from, there is always someone there to give you a helping hand – these organisations exemplify that spirit.