I congratulate the Red Rattler Theatre on their successful grant of $50,000 in Round One of the Create NSW Arts & Cultural Funding Program. This grant will allow the theatre to develop and present, innovative and queer performance art and ideas core program, including artists residencies, mentorship programs, curated nights and forums. Importantly, the program will support performers, artists and audiences from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds, extending the strong legacy of intersectional work at the Red Rattler. The Red Rattler is a superb example of what makes the Inner West unique, a queer theatre with a strong commitment to serving their community and always putting people before profit. Throughout COVID‑19, this commitment did not waiver, and the theatre pivoted to online events. COVID-19 pushed the Rattler to its limits and the fact they were able to raise close to $30,000 to keep their doors open is a testament to just how much the Rattler is respected and loved in the community. This funding from Create NSW will serve to strengthen the Rattler's position as the home of queer and alternative art, music and performance in the inner west. Congratulations to the Red Rattler team.