I am proud to announce that this year's Summer Hill Grandparent of the Year is Councillor Lucille McKenna, OAM.

As well as being an amazing grandparent to Kenneth, Patrick, Fergus, Eloise and Lucy, Lucille is also a tireless and dedicated servant of her community. Early in her career Lucille worked as a community nurse for the then Ashfield Council. Years later she became the council's first and only female mayor.

In 2017 Lucille was elected to represent her community of Leichhardt as a councillor for Inner West Council. Before politics, Lucille worked for 35 years as a director of nursing in aged care.

Along with over 32,000 other retired nurses, she recently returned from retirement to help our State battle COVID-19. Like so many other grandparents in our community, Lucille has balanced her family and professional life with a deep commitment to public service.

Lucille makes her two children and five grandchildren extraordinarily proud. I thank Lucille for being a wonderful grandparent and always looking out for the inner west community.