For 42 years Reclaim the Night Sydney has fought against gendered violence and sexual assault. The first march in 1978 was inspired by women's marches against sexual violence in Europe and the UK. Reclaim activists continue their call for women to be safe on our city's streets and in their homes, as well as in the workplace and on university campuses. Due to the pandemic, this year activists will virtually reclaim the streets, with the march being live streamed on Facebook. In order to adhere to COVID‑19 restrictions, only 20 feminists will be marching. One in 10 Australian women in a relationship have reported incidents of domestic violence during the pandemic, with two-thirds saying that the violence started or became worse during the lockdown. It shows how necessary grassroots organisations like Reclaim the Night are in raising awareness of the ongoing epidemic of violence against women. I thank this year's organisers—April, Chloe, Lucy and May—and I stand with the feminists in my electorate who continue the fight to end gendered violence.