This survey is designed to spark conversation about how we can reform the NSW State Government’s interactions with LGBTIQ+ parented families. The survey is intended for LGBTIQ+ parents or prospective parents living in NSW.

Each of us relies on State Government – whether it is in the provision of education, health, hospitals, childcare and even infrastructure – and yet, barriers still exist that prevent LGBTIQ+ parented families accessing those services.

State Government also plays an important role in the way LGBTIQ+ parented families are formed, governing rules around foster, adoption, IVF treatment and surrogacy. Your responses will help law-makers to better understand the specific challenges faced by LGBTIQ+ parented families.


Privacy: The specific information provided in this survey will only be used to source aggregated data (including access to services on a geographical basis) and will not be stored or linked to your personal data. You may be contacted by Rainbow Families or Jo Haylen MP with further information about advocacy and community work, but can opt out at any time.


Rainbow Families NSW is a not-for-profit volunteer led organisation dedicated to fostering resilience, connecting and supporting LGBTIQ+ families. ***Read more about RF and its work here

Jo Haylen MP is the State Member for Summer Hill and a Shadow Parliamentary Secretary. ***Read about Jo's advocacy for LGBTIQ families here.