Minister for Heritage Penny Sharpe has unveiled a Blue Plaque in Ashfield, recognising the life of historical figure Quong Tart and celebrating his political advocacy and charity work in the 1800s. Quong Tart was a Chinese Australian icon and an early pioneer of what would become known as multiculturalism. From his birth in 1850 in Guangdong Province in China he became a well-known identity in Sydney and owned a network of tearooms. He was a philanthropist and community leader, known for providing refreshments and entertainment to many disadvantaged groups. In 1998 a bust of Quong Tart was erected in Hercules Street near Ashfield Railway Station and his mansion was later converted into a nursing home and renamed Quong Tart. It's only fitting that the Inner West, the birthplace of multiculturalism, honours Quong Tart, someone who is a historic figure for all of Australia. I want to pay tribute to the Ashfield Historical Society and all other local groups which campaigned so hard for this blue plaque. It is a form of recognition that is long overdue.