JO HAYLEN: My question is directed to the Premier. Given the Premier has been promising the second stage of Parramatta Light Rail since 2014, yet the project still has not received planning approval, does not have a final business case and will not be delivered this decade, why should the people of Parramatta ever believe his promises again?

DOMINIC PERROTTET: Do you even know where Parramatta is?

Last time I checked, in this year's budget we allocated $600 million to Parramatta Light Rail stage two. What did we hear from the other side? Crickets. Labor is happy to raid WestInvest for Canterbury Hospital, but it is not happy to fund Parramatta Light Rail stage two. I invite those opposite to make a funding allocation for Parramatta Light Rail stage two with money that does not come from asset recycling. See if they can do it. Labor opposes the means that have built the schools, the hospitals, the public transport and the road projects across the State.

Parramatta Light Rail stage one is opening when? Next year.

In this year's budget there is $600 million for Parramatta Light Rail stage two. Those opposite want to talk about Parramatta.

They should look at all the investments the Government has made to take Parramatta to the next level over 10 years. Under Labor, Parramatta was rotting away. We have turbocharged it completely with new schools, such as Arthur Phillip High School, public transport and Parramatta Light Rail stage one metro is on the way. There is a new stadium, which those opposite opposed; a new museum, the Powerhouse Museum, which those opposite opposed; and new ferries. I remember what Parramatta was like under Labor and now look at where Parramatta is today. Those opposite come into this place and ask questions about infrastructure, when Labor delivered a $30 billion backlog; about western Sydney and Parramatta, when they have been transformed under the Liberal-Nationals; and about Parramatta Light Rail stage two, when we committed $600 million.

Where was it in the budget reply? I will tell members where it was— nowhere. On this side of the House we believe in western Sydney and that is why we are investing record amounts in western Sydney.

That is why we are investing $5 billion in WestInvest. We have the biggest infrastructure investment over the next four years—$112 billion. The Liberal-Nationals have shown a decade of delivery with another decade to come. Parramatta will never go back to the dark old days under Labor.