Secrecy over the NSW Government’s plan for Parramatta Rd finally came to an end over the weekend, as Pru Goward was forced to reveal official documents relating to the construction of 60,000 new apartments along the corridor.

The Baird Government had hoped to keep their plan secret until after the NSW Election in March next year, but the unusual change of heart came after an Order for Papers passed the Legislative Council last week.

Clr Jo Haylen, Labor’s candidate for Summer Hill, said the plan put the local community last.

“It beggars belief that the NSW Government could think it reasonable to build 60, 000 new apartments, but not a single school or childcare centre,” Clr Haylen said.

“This is a prime example of Pru Goward putting development first and people last,” Clr Haylen said.

Clr Haylen also voiced concern over the possibility local councils will be stripped of their approvals powers as the Government moves to deliver its target of 60,000 new apartments.

“If you take control away from the community, you’ll see projects that don’t fit with the area or reach any level of design excellence,” Clr Haylen said.

“Our community deserves better,” Clr Haylen said.

Clr Haylen also said the Baird Government’s process could be described as haphazard at best.

“You don’t plan after the fact, you do the hard work first and you make sure you get it right,” Clr Haylen said.

“This includes making sure there is proper community consultation,” Clr Haylen said.

“We’ve seen the Baird Government flip flop with WestConnex, how can we possibly trust them to get a project this size right?," Clr Haylen said.