The four Local Area Commands (LACs) of the Inner West, Marrickville, Newtown, Burwood and Ashfield be merged into two as part of the the “re-engineering” process allegedly intended to reduce management costs.

This decision to merge all four major LACs servicing the Inner West community has been made without any consultation with the community.

The merger comes as Marrickville LAC has seen a dramatic rise in cases of robbery in the last two years (; Burwood LAC ranks in the highest band in the state for incidences of robbery (; and Ashfield sees a rise in offences such as stealing from retail stores ( 

The merger also follows the announcement that the Government is consolidating ambulance services in the inner west in a new Superstation in Haberfield and the disastrous amalgamation of local councils.

The merger is likely to result in no Superintendent being stationed in the electorate of Summer Hill, with Ashfield likely to move to Burwood and Marrickville to Newtown.

Comments attributable to Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill

This is yet another attack on the inner west from the Liberal Government – and with absolutely no consultation with the community.

“I call on the Police Minister to guarantee that there will be no reduction in front-line services or response times, and that all stations will stay open in their current locations and not sold off to developers!

“These LACs provide essential localised support and services to our diverse communities. It is that local connection and identity that we really value.

“It is essential that the Police Minister acts immediately to address community concern that a merger would undermine these localised services.

 “This decision is all about cost-cutting and residents are right to question whether our community will be less safe as a result.

“This is yet another attack on the inner west.”